Castings & Molds

Image of CastingCastings

Vulcan China offers multiple casting processes for a variety of alloys. The most common are aluminum alloys with heat treatment available; typically to T6 standards. From small-run custom designs to large production runs, we can meet your needs.

Molds, Tooling & Fixturing

Our machining department also has expertise in mold and tool-making design. A variety of shapes and sizes of tools are available. Custom tooling and fixturing can be made to your specifications or with the assistance of our engineers for new designs.

Newly added products and services

  • Gravity casting
  • Low-pressure casting
  • Sand core
  • Lost wax
  • Materials include aluminum, brass, iron, steels and lead
  • Full design and tooling (mold) capabilities
  • up to 2500mm x 2500 mm x 800 (mm) size castings
  • Finishing/heat treating- T4, T6- annodizing, plating, painting, sand blasting
  • Leak testing
  • Impregnation
  • Full Machining and CMM inspection capability
  • Set up perfectly for small run, custom shape and quick turnaround projects