Image of Vulcan GMS China staffVulcan China has worldwide relationships that can be valuable to you. We are a leader in the concurrent development and production of custom radiation shielding and quality components made from lead, tungsten, high-density plastics and non-lead metal polymers.

With one of the most advanced quality systems in our industry segment, Vulcan China provides turnkey parts and assemblies for large original equipment companies specializing in products for the medical, security, nuclear, aviation and other high-tech markets.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship, employee support and community relations are also metrics we use to assess the value of the company.

Our EHS (Environmental, Health and Safety) programs include continuously improving our environmental performance through the reduction of waste materials of all types, conservation of water and energy and promoting ecological behavior among our employees both on and off the job. We are in the forefront of our industry in terms of plant safety and on-going education of the safe handling of lead and healthy lifestyle practices.