Manufacturing for a Global Economy

As the world continues to move toward a global economy, Vulcan GMS has also expanded to meet the needs of customers world wide. Vulcan China provides tungsten products, precision machined metals, aluminum castings, mold making, assembly and supplier sourcing resources serving customers in China, the Asia Pacific and the world. With many years of experience in the Asia Pacific market, Vulcan China is well positioned to help you whether you are looking to have products supplied from our factory, have interest in looking for suppliers in the region or are looking to sell your products worldwide.

About Vulcan GMS

ISO 9001/2008 registered, Vulcan GMS is a provider of lead, tungsten, lead-alternative and high-density plastic components and assemblies for some of the largest equipment companies in the world. Vulcan GMS is the parent company of Vulcan GMS China. Visit site.

Did you know?

Did you know that Vulcan China can now supply machined aluminum castings; including heat treating, leak testing and impregnation?


Vulcan China is certified ISO9001:2008. You can view certificates in both English and Chinese by clicking here.